Favorite Things:

ornamental landscaping, gardening, writing and reading poetry, computer "stuff", interior decorating, aquariums, feeding the birds, birdhouses & birdwatching, hiking, nature nurturing and exploring, club dancing, hanging out with friends, my dog Lady, sports, HOCKEY, my Roanoke Valley Vixens women's hockey team!, pizza, cheesy combos, Wintergreen gum, brownies & fudge, sweet ice tea, green apples, hot chocolate, chocolate and peanut butter anything~yuummmmmmm, pecan pie, Nannie's chocolate cake, trees, vines, Wysteria, WATER, gurgling creeks, tennis, volleyball, traveling now & then, passion, kisses, HUGS, Christmas decorations, the smell of Christmas and candle shops, untouched fallen snow and icicles, coffee in the morning, warm weather, snuggling, the country, crickets chirping alongside the tree frogs throaty croaking and cicadas and katydids at night, the whipporwill cry, dragonflies and butterflies, hubby Patrick, mom the artist, my daddy the handyman, watching a spider catch it's prey and then repair it's web, planting flowers in the fall and watching them come back alive and double in size in the spring!, the ocean--it's deep magical marine animals, making lists, working from home, sleeping in, staying up late, watching movies, memories & pictures, scrap-booking, angels, fairies, believing in both!, GOD, FAITH, enlightenment, wonderment, FAMILY, mom & dad, my brother, elephants, being part of a team, anything to do with computers, computer work, play and web and graphic design, organization & keeping good paper trails, moonlight on my face, taking strolls, beautiful sunsets, sunbathing, swing sets, skating, service to humankind, loving people, chiropractic care & how it heals, good health, freedom, when somebody cares, good friends, trying to make a difference, makeup, feeling sexy, journaling, inspirational or make-you-think quotes, sociology, psychology, astrology, star signs, agriculture, old farms with cows and chickens, tie-dyes, poetry books, children, essence of life, living and loving, life to it's fullest, romancing the ordinary, coloring life, sharing my opinion, singing, dancing, being happy, reading, dreaming, planning the home I'm gonna build one day!, home decor magazines, dreams come true, milestones, truth, forgiveness, LOVE, authentic listening, all kinds of music, the Native American flute & drums, roasting marshmellows, Christianity, teachers, soul searching, laughter, smiles, support, encouragement, sincerity, a joyful heart, seeing others filled with JOY, fighting for what's right, taking a stand, wild honeysuckle, the USA, PEACE, snow falling, happy moments, SALSA, cheeses, eating buffet style, long walks, fireplaces, the smell of burning wood, working hard, playing harder, my Bible, books that help you grow spiritually and/or be a better person, the moon, perseverance, Flavia Weedn, hearts, trophies, patience, collecting things, rich colors, Chinese food, Mexican food, materials, goofin' off, new clothes, bravery, HEROES, mermaids, colorful paintings & imagery, tasteful erotic art, unique & interesting people, down to earth people, folks that smile easy, giving gifts, making things, white seedless grapes, blush wine, spiced rum, the hot tub, visiting mom & dad, gas station cappuccinos, laughter, Tai Chi, Yoga, pilates, going to the gym with my girlfriend, SPRING TIME!